About Us

Un impianto della nostra azienda

Vepal Impianti, as firm of design, production and installation of air anti-pollution systems, was founded in 1979 by Dr. Eng. Vincenzo Edoardo Palermo, who had already developed a considerable work experience in this field.

During all these years our path has been excellent, by solving all relating problems in the most important industrial fields both in Italy and abroad, with very positive results. Our natural predisposition towards the search of advanced technology solutions allows us to have a complete and innovating range of dry dust collectors and wet scrubbers.

By these filters and an aimed study, we are able to face and solve any problem related to the scrubbing of all sorts of atmospheric pollutant, in the best way, so that the natural air quality is preserved in order to safeguard the life and protect the environment where the human being lives.

At conclusion of this short presentation, we’d like to highlight our leader position in the cleaning of the fumes coming from bitumen processing and bituminous products manufacturing.