Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filters (or activated coal systems) of annular filling or cartridge types are particularly used for removing gas or vapors, which are otherwise difficult to be treated and which instead are well adsorbed by the micro-porous structure of the carbon. The porosity conferred to the carbon by the activation process creates an enormous specific surface, which can reach up to 2,000 m2/g.
The adsorption process is reversible and all or part of the molecules retained in the carbon pores can be liberated with the temperature increase. Moreover this process increases with a bigger concentration and molecular weight of the substances to be retained, while it reduces with a bigger relative humidity of the air. The molecules of an adsorbed gas may be released in the presence of another gas with greater affinity towards activated carbon.


  • Removing solvents
  • Deodorization problems
Dust collector C.O.V.
- Dust collection system S.O.V.
- Activated Carbon Filter FCCA type
- Airflow rate 3,000 m3/h