Cartridge Filter

The cartridge filter, our FC series, is very similar to the Bag filter TM series, except that, with the same filtering surface, they are more compact. This feature favors their use when there are not clear contraindications due to very difficult conditions of the dusty air to be treated. In fact the automatic cleaning system through compressed air is less efficient in removing the dust attached to the cartridges, with pleated filtering surface, compared to the bags that usually have a smooth cylindrical surface.
The cartridges may be made up of Cellulose and Polyester.



  • Foundries
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemistry
  • Ceramics
  • Food
Fume cleaning system from plasma cutting
- Fume-cleaning system from plasma cutting
- Cartridge filter FC type
- Fumes flow rate 18,000 m3/h
Dust collector for sugar coating powder
- Dust collection system for sugar coating powder
- Cartridge filter FC type
- Airflow rate 6,000 m3/h
Dust collector for calcium carbonate
- Dust collection system for calcium carbonate
- Cartridge filter FC type
- Airflow rate 8,000 m3/h