Cyclone and Multicyclone

The simplest separator, with mechanical action, is the Cyclone.
As more advanced stage, we can also offer the Multicyclone (or Multicellular) type, which is made up of many small-diameter centrifugal cells working in parallel and whose number depends on the airflow rate to be treated. These separators can reach very high collection efficiency for powders of medium granularity and specific weight.

They carry out the collection of the dust particles by the centrifugal force, and the bigger is this force value the higher is the collection efficiency. The centrifugal force, applied to a mass, increases with the rotational speed increase of the same mass and with the rotating radius reducing of the described path. Then, by limiting the speed, in order to avoid abrasion problems in the same units, the collection performance can be increased by reducing the rotation radius above mentioned. This is one of the reasons because, starting from a certain airflow rate value, the multicellar is used instead of the cyclone.




  • Solid fuel boilers
  • Drying ovens
  • Calcinations
  • Fuller grates
Fume cleaning system from solid fuel boiler
- Fume-cleaning system from solid fuel boiler
- Multicellular cyclone MC type
- Fumes flow rate 4,500 m3/h