Flow Liquid Lapping System

The wet scrubber, type ITR, is particularly appropriate to the collection of powders that are relatively easy to the decantation and with particle size larger than 2 microns.
The lower part (hopper) contains the washing liquid, whose level is easily adjustable such as to make the device operate with pressure losses more suitable to achieve the maximum efficiency of dust collection.
The inside part, where the air invests and drags the washing water, outlines a particular path, so that it establishs a deep mixing between the two elements mentioned above and then achieving the best result.
Finally we need to highlight the provision of motorized dredge sludge for removing the collected powders that decant at the hopper bottom, while the fan is supported by the upper body of the same unit.





  • Foundries
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemistry
  • Food
  • Ceramics
  • Marble
Air cleaning system from foundries working lands
- Air cleaning system from foundries working sand
- Wet scrubber ITR type
- Airflow rate 35,000 m3/h