Pneumatic Transport System

Today there are numerous applications of pneumatic transport, thanks to the considerable advantages it provides for the conveyance of materials in the powder state, even if remarkable distances.
With the virtually complete elimination of the various mechanisms required in other types of conveyers, it is possible to carry out complex paths, with minimum overall dimensions, loading and unloading the material at different points.
Our installations, available for any type of material based on specific requirements, can be by suction, pressurized or mixed system.
The essential components are: the fan or blower, the cyclone combined with a bag or cartridge filter and the conveyance pipes.


  • Conveyance of sand
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Basalt
  • Granule
  • Wooden chips
  • Plastic
Calcium carbonate storage silo pneumatic transport
- Calcium carbonate storage silo with pneumatic transport
- Pressurized system
- Carbonate flow rate 13,000 kg/h
Foundry sand pneumatic transport
- Foundry sand pneumatic transport
- Suction system
- Sand flow rate 10,000 kg/h
Granule pneumatic transport with relative drying
- Granule pneumatic transport with relative drying
- Pressurized system
- Granule flow rate 3,000 kg/h